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Hank Hanegraaff vs. The Christian Apologists

July 3, 2012

A few days ago it was brought to my attention that Hank Hanegraaff will be speaking at a major Christian Apologetics event in September, in the state of South Carolina. He will be working with some very talented speakers with sterling reputations.

For those reading this who are not familiar with the field of Christian Apologetics, it is providing objective evidence for believing in the Christian Faith. Ask any person who deals in this area and they will tell you perhaps the number one reason that most people give for not believing in Christianity is, “The Problem of Evil in the World”. In other words, why would a good god who is supposed to love mankind allow so much evil and suffering in the world?

I wish to submit the following:  Hank Hanegraaff is perhaps the greatest detriment to this conference there is of those connected to the event. He is a walking and talking contradiction. On one hand he defends Christianity and on the other hand for at least the last 23 years or more he has consistantly lied, cheated people, destroyed careers, stole CRI from any qualified applicants, promoted cult groups (The Local Church), worked for a government  (traveled  to Iran as a speaker in the winter of 2012) that promotes the destruction of Israel and the United States and he has been involved in assorted other activities that are beneath even some nonchristians (most of these are found in my book).

 Since writing my book, Hard Questions for the Bible Answer Man in 2009 I have been asked by Christians repeatedly, “Why doesn’t God just remove Hanegraaff from CRI?” With all the harm he has done over the years and his “Me first” attitude towards others, it is a valid question. It would be easy to see an agnostic or atheist looking at the awful life of this “Christian” apologist and asking, “If this is Christianity who needs it?”

The speakers at this fall conference in South Carolina would do well to point to his life as a cautionary tale and say, “This is not what Christianity is!” But for Hanegraaff to stand with these fine Christian men and women, on the same platform, and pretend that his life is to be looked at as an example of the Christian Apologist as the comedian Jerry Lewis has said, “Oye laddddyyyyy, you’ve gotta be kidding me!”