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Hank Hanegraaff vs.The Persecuted Church

May 22, 2012

Hank Hanegraaff has made statements, in the past, concerning his desire to somehow aid the persecuted Church throughout the world. In a statement he made in the volume 32 number 6 2009 edition of the Christian Research Journal  he said this about the persecuted Church in China: “Whatever the cost it pales by comparison to that borne by the persecuted church in China and around the world….When she finished, she thanked me for standing for truth no matter the cost.” (italics added)

I do not recall Hanegraaff mentioning in any of his statements, since he has returned from speaking at an Occupy Wall Street conference in Iran this winter, of how he confronted the Iranian government  on behalf of the persecuted Church in Iran. It would have been a perfect time to do so.

It is very clear that the Church, in that Islamic dominated country, has and is facing bruttal persecution. Where are the words of this champion of persecuted worldwide Christians, pleading with Iranian officials to release his brothers from prison, recorded during his visit? Since he has not mentioned that he was going there, in part, to plead for their cause we can be assured that he never planned to try.

The only things we can be sure of are that he was invited to go and speak at an anti-American conference, he shmoozed with Marxist professors and a rabbi who calls for the destruction of present day Israel, and that he was taken on a tour that showed him things about Iran that he claimed the western media has failed to report on.

Instead of doing the hard work of a Christian leader (that by the way is what he claims to be) and talking about important issues, he opts for becoming a shill for a totalitarian Iranian government and playing tourist (the only thing missing was a loud Hawaiian shirt and an oversized camera around his neck).

If Hanegraaff’s trip had been scored like a baseball game, the final score would have been: Iranian government 1 the persecuted Church 0. Refering to his quote above, what truth was he standing for in Iran and what cost did he pay? My guess is he didn’t even pay for his plane fare.