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Hank Hanegraaff vs.The Terrorists

April 27, 2012

Hank Hanegraaff found himself attending a conference in Teheran, Iran earlier this winter. Remember Iran, the nation whose main goal is to destroy Israel and The United States. This is the nation that is working really, really hard to create a nuclear device. This is the nation that pretty much all the other muslim nations in the region think is 5 fries short of a happy-meal. This is the nation that most nations, including the US, agree is near the top of the heap when it comes to human rights violations.

Now did our hero of the downtrodden masses go to preach Jesus to the muslims who so desperately need the Good News of  The Gospel? Not exactly, he was invited to speak to a conference on the Occupy Wall Street Movement. His fellow speakers were composed of a couple of marxist professors from the US,  a rabbi who calls for the downfall of Israel and assorted others.

The question that is left dangling is how does a little known religious leader, like Hanegraaff, get invited to this conference made up of atheists, antisemites and terroristic thugs? The Iranian government  could not care less for him but I am sure they used his presence there to further their hate filled agenda. 

You have to hand it to Hanegraaff, while he continues to pilot the once important CRI right into the largest iceberg he can find; He thinks nothing of surrounding himself with only the finest cult groups, cut throats, and con men.

He has sown the seeds of his own destruction. His strange fascination with money, power and being around important people has hit a new low (and I really did not think that was possible after he decided to play Clarence Darrow for the Local Church a few years ago). When his sad little life is over and his days of  “ministry” are done, his reward will have been found on this earth. It is reminiscent of Nero, who played his fiddle and had a good time while Rome blazed around him.