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CRI and the Case of the Disappearing Quote

April 4, 2011

For several months now CRI and its spokesman, Elliot Miller have been trying to sell the idea that Walter Martin wrote a glowing endorsement for Hank Hanegraaff a year or so before he died. The statement explains how he saw Hanegraaff as the one man who would take CRI into the twenty first century. I have read the endorsement and Hanegraaff would be a shoe in for, “Man of the Year” with this type of glowing testimonial. The problem is, as I have been pointing out to Miller and his buddies at CRI, the quote they keep pushing as a 1988 quote is found in a CRI Newsletter dated 1989 and was published months after Walter Martin died. As I have been urging CRI to provide people with this quote in some type of CRI publication from 1988, Miller has released through the following:

It is true that no one remembers the exact form in which Walter’s
endorsement originally appeared or was intended to appear. It could have
been published in a press release or a direct mail letter, or written for a
newsletter that had yet to be published at the time of his death. After
twenty-two years, two moves, with many files literally buried in storage…,

This is a variation of the “Dog ate my homework” gambit. Miller is saying, this all important quote has been lost for 21 years. They are telling us to trust them because they are, after all, CRI. The fact that they are CRI once meant something when Walter Martin was at the helm but now a promise from CRI and $29.00 will get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

It is plain to see they get very upset when someone doubts their veracity. But when they have a man like Hank Hanegraaff, who has done the things he has done for over 21 years, most people will need more than, “The Dog ate my homework” to believe they are telling the truth.