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The Christian Research Institute Continues Its’ Silence

March 9, 2011

Several months ago I published my response to CRI’s attack on my book. I then posted it on  my ministry website:  It was there that I showed that CRIhas been claiming that the late Walter Martin had announced, in a 1988 CRI Newsletter, that he had chosen Hank Hanegraaff to succeed him as president. Unfortunately, for CRI a former employee has stated that the alleged quote actually came from the office of the new president Hank Hanegraaff and not from a 1988 CRI Newsletter.

Further, in my response I asked for CRI to make available to the Christian cult/apologetic community a copy of the 1988 CRI Newsletter in question. It has been about 6 months since my response was posted on the Religious Research Project website and CRI has failed to release the 1988 issue that would prove that Martin was excited for Hanegraaff to succeed him. This seems like awfully strange behavior for an organization that is so anxious to prove, once and for all, that Martin was squarely behind Hanegraaff for president.

It begs the question: If Hanegraaff is the rightful successor to Martin why did he see a need to create counterfeit quotes by Dr. Martin, seemingly giving his imprimatur to him as the next president?

The truth is when you get caught with your hand in the cookie jar it is always best to say nothing. At this  point the so called, Bible Answer Man has no answers. It is what I expected!