Good coming from evil?

In a recent fundraising letter by Hank Hanegraaff, he says this about his recent defense of the theologically challenged group known as the The Local Church: 

“God has opened unparalleled opportunities to strengthen a burgeoning church in the East. Multitudes embroiled in ancestor worship, animism, folk and world religions have come to embrace Jesus as Lord and Savior. However, while they have come to worship Jesus, many have scant familiarity with His Word. The Christian Research Institute is called to strengthen these fledgling believers in the faith.”

Do we give CRI and Hanegraaff a pass because in his view God has called him to strengthen the Local Church (LC)? Since no one I have spoken within the Christian cult ministry world has altered their opinion of the LC, due to CRI’s defense of the group in their December 2009 journal, CRI’s odd defense can hardly be called a rousing success.  Those in the Christian research field still see the group as theologically dangerous and since many people who leave the LC end up needing therapy to deal with the abuse they experienced (see my comments in other articles on this blog site) the LC shows no sign of being a Christian group. This group’s ongoing treatment of its members, speaks volumes to the unrepentant nature of this group founded by Witness Lee. Hardly a group God wants defended and supported.

But the followers of Hanegraaff are led to believe that God has told him to strengthen the LC and help them any way he can. Since when does God command people to defend wickedness and call wrong right? It appears Hanegraaff is listening to another voice and not the voice of God. The question needs to be asked: When in the last 21 years has he ever listened to God’s voice?


3 Responses to “Good coming from evil?”

  1. everyman2 Says:

    Mr. Wong,

    Perhaps you would like to explain which of their teachings you believe are biblical? Then I will have a better understanding of what you find to be biblical truth.

    • thaamazingaj Says:

      The LC believes that Christ is the same person as the Father and the Holy Spirit. They also believe that the Father became the Son and that the Son became the Spirit so that the Spirit can be “wrought” into man. And what do we end up with? A heretical teaching of becoming “Godmen”. This is not trinitarian doctrine but rather another form of modalism. The LC is not based on biblical or historical Christianity at all. They have effectively embraced elements of mysticism and have made them to sound biblical. A Christian is to follow Christ and not any man as the LC blindly follows the teachings of Witness Lee.

  2. PRB Says:

    I have personal experience with Witness Lee’s local church group and Walter Martin’s CRI while a student at UCI in 1975-1976. I attended apologetic lessons conducted by Bob and Gretchen Pasantino every week, and the Local Church was considered by CRI a cult. I also met weekly with two local church men to discuss the error in their doctrines. They were preaching a no-repentance Gospel contrary to Luke 13:3. At a local church meeting, one of their leaders demonstrated how to be saved, which involved raising his hands and saying, “O, Lord Jesus” three times. Those in the audience wanting to be saved were asked to stand up. One by one, they were told to call out, “O Jesus Jesus” three times. About six people, including a friend of mine, did so. One man was asked to try again several more times until he sounded convincing. They use the Bible for their doctrine (such as Rom 10:13), but sadly they wrest it to their own destruction (1Pet 3:16).

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