Where’s the Beef?

For those of you who love vintage advertising campaigns (and who doesn’t),  about 20 years ago there was a great fast food franchise ad that had a old lady ordering a hamburger at a restaurant counter. She looks down at her newly delivered hot and tasty prize, opens the bun and yells that now famous phrase, “Where’s the beef?”

Well we have an equally important moment in history. On January 4, 2010 Hank Hanegraaff exclaimed, on his radio show, that against the counsel of friends and coworkers, he was going to at last come out on his radio show and decimate all those nasty critics that have been attacking him all these years. Then this blustery fellow fell silent. Not a peep, whisper, breath, mutter, squeak, gafaw, gasp, silent scream, nothin’! He’s on the down low.

Come on now Hank, you attack Word of Faith teachers with wild abandon. You even go after Christian leaders like: D James Kennedy, Chuck Smith, Tim LaHaye, Ozzie Osbourne (Well I just made up the part about Ozzie just to see if you were paying attention) when it benefits you some how. Hank you promised to blow the doors off your critics back on January 4th. That was nearly four months ago?!?

Could it just be you can’t come out and play because you don’t want the Christian world exposed to the seamy side of CRI and all your sin for the last couple of decades?

What’s that Hank? I can’t hear you, your saber is rattling too loud!


6 Responses to “Where’s the Beef?”

  1. Andie Redwine Says:

    In effect, you are asking Hank to “bring it.” It will be interesting to see what happens.

  2. Perry Robinson Says:

    Nothing will happen. Hank is just venting. He is of the school, ignore them and they will go away eventually. Or he will sue you for something.

  3. Jay Howard Says:

    Even though CRI came out with their e-book on the critics of Hank Hanegraaff a little over a year ago, the author on record is Elliot Miller not Hanegraaff. My original idea that Hank Hanegraaff has yet to come out publically and defend himself from the statements I make in, “Hard Questions for the Bible Answer Man” is still true. He will have Elliot Miller or others attack me but he has yet to explain even one thing from my book. For example, why would he need to get John Ankerberg to write a handwritten note on the bottom of Walter Martin’s widow’s (Darlene Martin) notes that she was to read at her husband’s funeral? The note said that she and Walter had spoken about Walter’s desire to make Hanegraaff the next president of CRI. Darlene told me Walter never had that discussion with her!
    I would love to hear Hank explain why he needed to get Walter’s widow to lie for him. He has never explained, in 22 years, why he took advantage of a grieving widow. He never will because that would tell the world that he has lied from the beginning and all he really is is the worst type of an opportunist. It would also indicate that he feared he would never really succeed on his own merits. That is why he needed to steal another man’s ministry.

  4. Jill Martin Rische Says:

    Jay…something has changed in his world or he wouldn’t have unleashed Elliot Miller to go after Bill Alnor–while he was dying of cancer.

    • everyman2 Says:

      This seems the case. It was well known that Bill was dying at the time CRI was creating and publishing their ebook (and most of the 200+ pages of the book dealt with Miller’s total disdain for Bill).

      For a “Christain” leader to green light a project of this length, that mostly dealt with his hatred for someone who was dying, speaks volumes about the cold condition of Hanegraaff’s heart.

      In truth, it says more about Hank, Elliot and the erroding situation at CRI than it does about Bill or any of the other critics of CRI.

  5. everyman2 Says:

    In talking with a realtor a few months ago in North Carolina, I found that the 1 million dollar home that Hanegraaff purchased in 2004 is vacant. It has been at least 8 months or so since He has lived there. Has anyone heard if the house has been rented yet?

    It would appear if he he is having problems paying his mortgage which would indicate he is not being paid regularly. His friend, James White, was saying to a pastor that I know that CRI is down to 5 employees. I think that means besides Hanegraaff and Paul Young, his vice president.

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