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Where’s the Beef?

May 20, 2010

For those of you who love vintage advertising campaigns (and who doesn’t),  about 20 years ago there was a great fast food franchise ad that had a old lady ordering a hamburger at a restaurant counter. She looks down at her newly delivered hot and tasty prize, opens the bun and yells that now famous phrase, “Where’s the beef?”

Well we have an equally important moment in history. On January 4, 2010 Hank Hanegraaff exclaimed, on his radio show, that against the counsel of friends and coworkers, he was going to at last come out on his radio show and decimate all those nasty critics that have been attacking him all these years. Then this blustery fellow fell silent. Not a peep, whisper, breath, mutter, squeak, gafaw, gasp, silent scream, nothin’! He’s on the down low.

Come on now Hank, you attack Word of Faith teachers with wild abandon. You even go after Christian leaders like: D James Kennedy, Chuck Smith, Tim LaHaye, Ozzie Osbourne (Well I just made up the part about Ozzie just to see if you were paying attention) when it benefits you some how. Hank you promised to blow the doors off your critics back on January 4th. That was nearly four months ago?!?

Could it just be you can’t come out and play because you don’t want the Christian world exposed to the seamy side of CRI and all your sin for the last couple of decades?

What’s that Hank? I can’t hear you, your saber is rattling too loud!