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Hank Hanegraaff and the Piranha People

April 9, 2010

Have you ever watched old movies about the intrepid adventurer in the Amazon jungles, where sooner-or-later you know someone will fall into the river, will be swarmed by hundreds of Piranha fish and chewed right down to the toe nails? At this point in the movie the person will pretty well be dead. That actor then goes home and  hopes to be called back in the sequel, to play his character’s evil twin brother Ricardo. I have even seen a movie or two where the same thing happens to a group of intrepid adventurers in deepest, darkest Africa. And  while I am fairly certain there are no Piranhas in the rivers there,  that never stopped a great scriptwriter from exercising his or her imagination (after all this is a free country, please don’t get me started!).

Now to my little tale for today. It just so happens I have my very own swarm of Piranha fish or to be more accurate, Piranha People (It sounds like a 1950’s SciFi movie doesn’t it?) following me around on the internet (thank you Al Gore!). One of the main fishys is a young woman that goes by the name of, Cindee Martin Morgan. She has a website at You can go there and find about how she is being persecuted terribly by people like me; who think that Hank Hanegraaff lied and connived to take over the Christian Research Institute in 1989, along with a whole host of other sinful behavior that he has never repented.

You see, gentle reader when you have written a book entitled, Hard Questions for the Bible Answer Man every nut bunny who belongs to the, “Hank Hanegraaff is godlike and I will really mess-up anyone who says otherwise” fan club will get a major case of “kill the messenger” fever. Not that any of these up standing citizens would ever do me bodily harm. No, they are having too much fun calling me every name in the book and  calling those who have read and defend the material in the book, ‘terribly misguided, biblically undiscerning, unchristian, nonmattheweighteeners’. Why one young man even exclaimed that,  how could anyone trust me and what I have written about his hero Hank because (horror of horrors) I sell things on my website: . You see with this vast array of irrefutable logic, brilliant analysis (Though every critic of my book, so far, has told me they have never read my book and many have said they would rather have their tongue cut out and buried in the sands of the Sahara than look at my book. Critics, ya gotta love ’em!) and deftly thought out argumentation coming against me, what chance does little ol’ me have?

 If you go to the page where my book is advertised and, for instance, click on dear Ms. Martin Morgan’s review of my book (She gave me  one star. Now I heard she asked Amazon if she could give a negative 592 rating to my book but they told her nyet) you will see many of the Piranha People’s tracks. This type of bizarre behavior and verbal vitriol has been going on for months. I am sure Hanegraaff would be pleased with his fan club’s extracurricular activities. But for me all I can say is, ‘does anyone have a can of Piranha repellant handy’?