CRI and The Local Church Part V

There seems to be one last question that people are asking about CRI’s interest in seeing that justice is done for the Local Church. What is the price tag for justice? Who paid for the justice? There were three intrepid souls that went to South Korea, China, Taiwan and England on this fact finding mission from CRI. I have a few international trips under my belt and none of them were cheap. So did CRI pay for the research junket? Perhaps the Local Church gave CRI the money for the trip? Or a member(s) of LC (well intentioned I’m sure) gave the funds to CRI? And then there are all those pesky incidental expenses.

If CRI is called upon by other cult groups to unsully their names, will they also rise to the occasion? “Have research project will travel!” This could be a whole new carreer path for Hank and CRI. In these tough economic times we all need job security, don’t we?


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