CRI and the Local Church Part IV

There is another component of the CRI articles on the LC that is disturbing (what else is new?). There are several times in this issue where the three researchers Hank Hanegraaff, Elliot Miller and Gretchen Passantino interact with members of the LC in very emotional scenes. An example of this is on page 4, “Gretchen Passantino uttered the words, “I was wrong,” to a  believer in Shanghai who had been in prison from the time his daughter was born to the time she turned seventeen. Elliot Miller said, “I was wrong,” to a man in Fuqing who had suffered imprisonment for a total of twenty-four years.”

There are a few more of these emotional encounters sprinkled throughout the articles. Many people know that since Mao Tse Tung and his troops brought Communism to China in 1948, all religions and their members were targeted by the atheistic government, this persecution included long prison sentences and even executions. So as terrible as the imprisonment of LC members is, it is important for people to realize it will never replace orthodox beliefs in the attempt to understand the LC movement.

If I was a cynic toward CRI and its current administration, I might be tempted to think that the insertion of these emotional encounters by the research team of CRI were partly used to add an extra element of “pulling on the heartstrings”, to their misguided attempt to rehabilitate the image of the Local Church. Some may see this as a minor point in the criticism of this issue but with the repeated use of this emotional appeal it seems to be a calculated move to help bolster their argument that LC can now be trusted.

Maybe some ministry should come along and dedicate an issue of their publication to rehabilitate the image of CRI. Are there any takers out there?


3 Responses to “CRI and the Local Church Part IV”

  1. William M. Alnor Says:

    All good points, Jay. Does CRI have any credibility at all any more?

  2. Becker0109 Says:

    I agree with everyman2 100%. Hank needs to go to restore CRI to a credible source of information and biblical fact’s.

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